Database Leaf Optimization Pro - for huge databases

Database Leaf Optimization Pro - for huge databases
Reduce time on keeping your store data up-to-date. Prevent the store from lags and cart abandonments in one click without developers' help. As data changes, the indexed data also needs to be changed (or reindexed). An admin can’t run reindexation via command line and ssh. So, there is a time gap between the changes and reindexation that can badly influence the store performance and result in cart abandonments. With DB Leaf Optimization Pro form backend an admin can automatically check the index statuses in one click and start a reindex process if some of indexes are outdated. This helps to save valuable time and enhance the store performance by reindexing data as soon as any changes occur. The extension has been tested from 50,000 products to 300,000, we have developed this extension for large and heavy stores that have a problem with the database and the slow loading of the site. DB Leaf Optimization Pro also optimizes the customer part, such as the administrator arena, fast sorting, product search and browsing, website loading optimization and fixing breakage at high visitor loads. DB Leaf Optimization fixed utilizes mysql cache that will automatically invalidate stale data, especially when multiple tasks are being done like multiple orders being opened at one time or few different task being done at the same time.

Run the Opencart 2.3 / 3.x benchmark with about 130,000 products in 800 categories. The acceleration is about 7 times and much higher if the DB Leaf Optimization extension is not present.

- Reindex data in one click
- Automate and simplify reindex process
- Query optimization and cache repeating query
- Manage reindexation in a handy grid
- Database engine converter
- Journal themes - Compilability
- MultiStore - Yes
- Lightning Most Effective Accelerator - Compilability
- NitroPack/ - Compilability
- MySQL Version Compilability - 5.x - 8.x

Future updates planned for this month
- Redis compatibility 7.0+
- New indexing
- New Indexing for custom seo extensions and url alias
- New Indexing for 301 redirect for fast call and search

- Login to your website OpenCart admin panel
- Go to Extensions > Installer and upload ocmod
- Go to Extensions > Modifications and click Refresh
- Go to Extensions > DB Leaf Optimization > Install

Journal Themes
This extension is guaranteed to work out of the box, only with the default Journal 2/3 template
It’s always a good idea to use the latest versions of the Journal theme.

Is this extension for me?
If you are not sure if the extension is for you, we will review and test your store:

Technical support is provided within two days, usually faster.
In terms of the support agreement does not include the operation of the module and any other modules and supplements.

For the activation and support please to write on mail:

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