Outfoxed art

Outfoxed art
Unprofessional art by an unprofessional artist.
Ranging from pyrography to oil painting I am constantly inspired by nature.
A little bit about me
I'm Taliesin Fox. A 21 year old fine art student and artist living and working in Cornwall. A lot of my artwork is centred on capturing nature and its beauty through paintings , illustrations , ceramics and pyrography.

Using a hot tool designed for pyrography I burn all of my designs freehand into locally sourced wood. Each piece is unique and inspired by nature and its beauty. I love to challenge myself by creating new pieces on a regular basis and growing my skills as an artist.

As an oil painter I like to capture bodies and portraiture as well as painting anything that I personally find beautiful. From people to skulls and owls, I started painting at 17 and love it to this day.

I love to find new ways to create and teaching myself how to digitally illustrate has been a challenging way to express myself. In 2020 I \have created two zines for exhibitions based on sexual health and well being. I loved creating them and I'm working on creating more in the near future

I chose the tagline " unprofessional artwork by an unprofessional artist" as there is a lot of stigma around being an artist as a career. I create art with a passion so therefore I am an artist "professional" or otherwise.

Thank you for taking a look at my website

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