MICES EasyParcel Malaysia

MICES EasyParcel Malaysia
EasyParcel × OpenCart
This extension integrates with the EasyParcel API. Through this extension, there are several common operations from EasyParcel that can be performed on OpenCart’s administration.

Heavy workload from processing order?
You receive a new order from OpenCart, but have to place a shipping order at EasyParcel by filling up all the shipping details again.
One Page Process Order
Save effort to book for a delivery with prefill details. Just a few clicks on one page and you will successfully place your order.

Once successfully book your delivery, you are ready to print the waybill immediately.

Alternatives for fixed shipping rate?
Customers complain shipping rate is not their desired price. They desire courier companies with faster delivery time.
Customer Chooses The Courier Company
Customers are allowed to choose their desired courier company based on the price and delivery days during checkout.

Problem with tracking parcels status?
Have to check parcels status from EasyParcel and update the parcels status at OpenCart manually everyday.
Auto Track & Update Parcels Status
Just do a simple setup with cron jobs and you can enjoy auto track and update parcels status. And your customer will receive an email notification with the parcel tracking number. Yahoo! All processes run automatically!

Key Features

Shipment Rate Checking
When you choose a courier company when placing an order, other than customer selected courier service, you are also allowed to check the shipment rates based on sender and receiver addresses and choose one of them if required. You may choose a dropoff point to drop off your parcel based on the service type of your choice if you don’t like to wait for the courier company to collect your parcel from your location.

Address Book
Address Book is used to keep all your favorite addresses. From the address book, you are able to set one of addresses as default to be used as shipping rate checking or change your sender address when required.

Courier Service Preferences
You can set your courier preferences anytime you want. Courier services will be listed based on your settings. Settings include Service Type which filter the courier services based on Pickup or Dropoff service type, Priority Option By determining either Lowest Price or Shortest Delivery Day will be priority in the courier services list, and Maximum Number Of Option determines the number of option available in the courier service option listing.

Low Credit Balance Alert
Not only are you able to check your credit balance directly from OpenCart, you can also set an amount to give alert when your credit balance is lower than the amount.

Print Air Waybills In Bulk
Just a single click, you are able to export all the air waybills from EasyParcel into a .pdf file. And now you can choose to print 2 or 4 different waybills on the same sheet through this file.

Order History
Check back your EasyParcel order histories anytime. By filtering the list based on Order Number, Date Start, Date End or Order Status.

Email Notification
Support sends email notifications to customers when successfully placing an order. Tracking Number will be included in the email if it’s available.

Order Status Mapping
Automatically update OpenCart’s order status when receiving a new parcel status from EasyParcel.

For more details, you can check on documentation and installation guide of the extension.

1.5.2 (02-02-2021)
- Added Air Waybill bulk print
1.0.0 (24-12-2020)
- First release.

Email: support@mices.com.my
Website: https://www.mices.com.my

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