ZoodPay Buy Now Pay Later

ZoodPay Buy Now Pay Later


We are a leading ecosystem serving a total addressable market with a 300 million+ population and over 5 million SMEs in Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Pakistan providing access to financing through innovative distribution channels. With ZoodPay, buyers in these regions have seamless access to three payment solutions: 


ZPI - Pay for your order in 4 installments over 90 days with no interest 
ZPI - Pay for your order up to 12 installments with interest 
PAD - Pay for your order 14 days after delivery with no interest 
In order to use ZoodPay, you will need to have an account with us first, so please visit https://www.zoodpay.com/contact  and drop us an email based on your location. 
Install the plugin on your site. 
Collect the sandbox credentials from ZoodPay team and configure them in the ZoodPay plugin. 
Get sign off from the ZoodPay team on sandbox to get the production credentials. 
1. Download the extension 
2. Login to your OpenCart Admin control panel. 
3. After login to Admin panel, please click on Extensions => Installer 
4. Click on Upload button and select the extension from your system to upload. 
5. Once uploaded then go to Extensions => Extension 
6. Select Payment in filter. 
7. Click install on Zoodpay. 
8. Configure the settings as depicted in the attached screenshot. 
9. Save and start exploring the products with new payment option to test with all scenarios. 
Q.1 Which countries are ZoodPay supported? 
Answer: Zoodpay is currently available for customers in the following markets - Uzbekistan (UZ), Iraq (IQ), Jordan (JO), Lebanon (LB), and Pakistan (PK) 
Q.2 If there is any issue during installation then whom to connect? 
Answer: Please write to integration@zoodpay.com with a detailed description of the issue. 
Q.3 Installation done successfully but ZoodPay payment services not appearing on the payment page? 
Answer: Please check the final order amount which needs to lie between min and max value for that market. If the condition is matching and it is still not showing the option then log in to your Admin panel. Go to ZoodPay Plugin settings and click on Get Configuration button. Refresh the payment page and if still not displaying then please contact integration@zoodpay.com with a detailed description of the issue. 
Q.4 What will happen if ZoodPay plugin doesn't support my OpenCart version? 
Answer: Please check the supported OpenCart version and themes. Otherwise write an email to integration@zoodpay.com 

More details can be found https://www.zoodpay.com/merchants-faq 

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