CKEditor And Filemanager With Image Editor

CKEditor And Filemanager With Image Editor
This extension is a complete CK editor with a powerful file manager that gives you a wide range of features.
By installing this plugin in the admin panel, you have a powerful file editor that helps you introduce your products to customers in a more beautiful style and with more complete information.
The file manager of this extension has a complete tool for photo editing.
This editor replaces the default and simple openCart editor in all parts of the admin panel
The new version of this module supports uploading images with the extension of WebP.
With this plugin you can:
Show your address to customers with Google Map.
Create a beautiful slider or lightbox. Put a video or audio in the description of your products, create a beautiful banner, write the name of your store on the images and edit the images, put your social networks in a beautiful style in your store, tab the description and information do. Set a background image for store pages. And many other wonderful things.
To learn more about the features of this extension, you can test it in the demo version.

Admin Panel

File Manager Features:

* Photo editing
1- Rotating
2- Text
3- Mask
4- Filter
5- Add the symbols
6- Shape
7- Flip
8- Draw
9- Crop
10- Alignment
11- Resize
Note: If you used the image editor, change the name of the edited image after saving the changes, and then use it.

* Upload
1- Using the URL
2- Drag and drop the file
3- Hard disk browser
4-Upload webP images

1- Duplicate Files
2. Copy and paste the URL
3- Copy, cut, and paste File
4- Permission File
5 Display information File
6- Rename File

Editor Features:

1- Add a video, audio, And Flash(from hosts and embeds from other sites)
2- Save PDF
3- Add Google Map
4- Font Awesome
5- Slider
6- Lightbox
7- Add animations for images, text, links, icons, etc. (load, mouse hover and click)
8- Background image
9- Bootstrap tab
10 - Different templates for displaying content
And many other features that meet all your needs

Image Editor

Text Editor

Extension Installation Guide

Upload the zip file via extensions / Installer / Upload
Once the upload is done, Please go to Extensions / Modifications and hit the refresh button. If the theme caches is enabled, Refresh the theme caches in the admin panel / Dashboard / Gear icon.

For install and support free click on the "GET SUPPORT" button on this page. or drop me an email:

What customers say about CKEditor And Filemanager With Image Editor

Tope rated app and top-rated customer services. I asked for something to be looked at and sorted and this was done very efficiently and with speed, Thanks guys
There was a small issue but the support is amazing. This extension is very helpful


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