Opencart UPS Shipping Management

Opencart UPS Shipping Management
Opencart UPS Shipping Management: The Admin can use this extension to include the UPS (United Parcel Service) shipping method for shipping goods. United Parcel Service is the world's largest and most trusted delivery company for parcels. This shipping management is globally top-rated, and for this shipping process, the WebKul Opencart is now available.


  • All templates and themes, including the journal theme, are provided by this module.
  • The Opencart UPS Shipping Management module supports Opencart’s default Multi-Store feature.

Use Case
The story of UPS, the largest package delivery company in the world, started with a $100 loan to jumpstart a tiny messenger service more than a century ago. The history of modern travel, international trade, logistics and financial services illustrates how we have grown into a multi-billion-dollar multinational corporation.

Today, UPS is the first customer, directed by individuals, motivated by creativity. It is operated by more than 495,000 employees across highways, rails, air, and oceans linking more than 220 nations and territories. Tomorrow, with a dedication to quality service and environmental protection, UPS will continue leading the industry and connecting the globe.

One of the best solutions is UPS shipping with the use of this extension for those who want to ship their products around the world. UPS systems are known for their outstanding results, so there are less chances of errors.

The administrator can configure the different shipping methods provided by the UPS shipping service. On the checkout page, let your customers select any available UPS shipping service.

Why choose this module?
One of the easiest options for those who want to ship their products around the world is UPS shipping. UPS platforms have a reputation for their outstanding service, so there are fewer chances of errors.

The admin will configure the different shipping methods provided by the UPS shipping service. Let the customers on the checkout page select any available UPS shipping service. One of the fastest providers of shipping services.

United Parcel Service offers many shipping service facilities with various locality-based shipping rates. The admin can limit these multiple UPS shipping methods, and the admin can only allow the customers the appropriate shipping methods for their products.


  • Enable or disable the status of Method UPS Shipping.
  • This shipping method has a custom name that will appear on the front-end.
  • Set the request form for packages.
  • Select the container type and its size.
  • The package’s average dimensions can be set.
  • Set various classes of weights.
  • The administrator has the option to add a rule for the tax class.
  • For freight calculation, the dynamic shipping process.
  • Select different services for domestic and international shipping.


To work this module, there must be installed the module.After the successful installation of the module, the admin can manage the backend configurations.

The administrator will configure the proper functioning of the module. The administrator will see "Webkul UPS" in the shipping option, and the admin can add a shipping account.

After the product has been completed or added to the cart by the customer, the UPS shipment is now visible on the checkout page, and customers can use the UPS shipping process. Here, the customer may select the preferred method of shipping the products.

After placing the order, the customer can view their order details. The shipping service selected by the customer will also be visible in the order specifics.

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