Opencart Algolia Search Extension

Opencart Algolia Search Extension
Opencart Algolia Search Extension: Algolia is the Opencart eCommerce platform's fastest and most important search experience accessible. With no delay, results show up immediately as the form of user and bring the user to exactly what they are looking for. Results that take customers to the best-selling and most popular products can be given priority. Increased customer engagement, conversion rates, stores with Algolia extension see

This extension allows Algolia search services to be used by the owner of the store to improvise the online store search results. The product name-checked is autocompleted once the customer visits any word to check for any product.

It also shows related objects automatically from the search to the customer. The admin needs to integrate the Algolia server with the website through the use of the Algolia API keys. After connecting with the Algolia server, the admin needs to synchronize all products to the Algolia servers.

Note: Algolia Opencart search extension, but in order to use the extension, you do need an Algolia account. For stores with smaller product inventories, Algolia has a free Community Plan available. Out of many inexpensive paid subscriptions that better suit their needs, larger stores can choose. For info, please see our pricing page View Price.

Use Case

If your e-commerce site faces sluggish and bad fetching of search results. And searching for an alternative solution where you can easily retrieve Algolia Search is the only solution. Algolia Search is an open-source full-text search engine that is highly scalable.

You will provide your clients with a rich and seamless search experience using the Algolia Search module. This would make the search results narrower. And it will allow you to very quickly search and analyze large quantities of data.


  • It autocompletes the search results and shows similar products to the entered word.
  • The admin can sync all the products to the Algolia server to improvise search results.
  • Can remove any product from the Algolia server by using the remove button.
  • Removed products will not appear in the autocomplete search result but they will appear in the default search result.

Work Flow:

After the module installation, the admin can easily configure the module settings like – Can enable or disable the module, enter the Application ID, Indices name, Search only API ley, Admin API key, Monitoring API key and Placeholder for the Algolia Server.

Algolia Search

The administrator will view all the store's products. By clicking the buttons, the admin can sync its products from the Algolia server. For mass product sync and desync, these buttons are used.

An admin can delete products from the Alogolia server by choosing the products and the admin can synchronize or desync the product individually according to the requirement.

Customers can now use the Algolia search on the front-end to make the quickest search inside your OpenCart web store. Based on the following features, the customer can search for products, such as:
This feature helps customers to search for the products they want, even if they have entered the first alphabet of the product name.

If the product does not sync with Algolia, you will need to enter the full name of the product.

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