Opencart Multi-Level Marketing [MLM] Extension

Opencart Multi-Level Marketing [MLM] Extension
Opencart Multi-Level Marketing [MLM] Extension: Opencart Multi-Level Marketing allows the admin to initiate an MLM system to any online store. The affiliate system includes the binary MLM system that allows any parent user to add two sub-affiliates.

The user can add a maximum of two sub-affiliates. For adding the sub-affiliates, the parent user will get some bonus. The bonus is decided by the admin from the backend, and it will be different for different commission levels. The sub-affiliate can be added by using the referral number of the parent user.

Use Case:

The key goal of any business is to increase its sales conversion and turnover. Opencart MLM is the perfect solution for the enterprise that wants to grow. In fact, companies that use multi-level marketing. Indeed, they encourage existing affiliates to recruit new affiliates.

The module allows the main users to have multiple affiliates and distribute the respective bonuses uniformly to each affiliate. Also, the transactions and affiliate information are trackable easily. The MLM tree gives the proper view to the main user of their affiliate user.


  • This extension allows the affiliate to view the total child affiliates and other details as well.
  • Also, the admin can set the commission for the affiliate tree.
  • The admin can view the entire affiliate tree.
  • The admin can create different levels for the affiliate membership.
  • Affiliates can check their child users by checking the MLM tree from the frontend.

Work Flow:

In this module, the admin first needs to enable the module from the backend. Also then the admin will manage the configurations too. The admin can set the maximum affiliates to any referral number.

Also, the admin will manage bonus settings. A tabular commission level is available where the admin can enter the commission for each level. The commission amount will be either fixed or percentage.

The admin can login from the frontend. This time the user will login as an affiliate using the email ID and password.

The affiliate can check the MLM tree. This will help the affiliate to check their sub-affiliates.

The affiliate will also request for an affiliate membership. Further, that membership request will be accepted by the admin.

The admin will be able to make the transaction for the affiliate’s bonus amount. Only then the affiliate can check the updated amount.

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