Order History Delete / User (History Transactions Reward) Delete

Order History Delete / User (History Transactions Reward) Delete
Each Admin knows that using opencart actively, there are often human factor mistakes made such as typos in a Sold order status comment sections, or adding wrong transactions to customers or points the reason may be anything, and let's face the fact that admin do require a way easily to fix that:)

By Default once you add /change order status history or comment. You can't modify / delete it, it is carved into database like a God's will into a stone:)

So if later you see the "mistake" you can't correct it easily, you have 2 options:
1) Add new status (but user also will see it his account daashboard (that will make your website look not professional)
2) and second option is to to connect to database directly in order to remove it (not the easiest way right?)

So this module will change it, it will make admin life a lot easier. From now Admin will be able easily to delete Order histories , return prodyuct histories and comments or custopmer details such as transactions, rewards, comments with a single click.

A button is added next to each entry in order to delete it. And now you can easily delete these entries :


-Delete order's history entries. (Deleting Order history order status will be updated correspondingly to the last one added.)
-Delete return's history entries.


-Delete customer's history entries
-Delete customer's transaction entries
-Delete customer's reward points

PS: You As admin can define which Administrator users will have the permission to remove data and which ones not.

This is a must to have extension for store owners who actively uses (order history, customer reward and transaction options) and want to have control of every aspect of their store:)

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