Royal Mail Click & Drop API

Royal Mail Click & Drop API
Royal Mail have finally released a proper API for uploading orders into Click & Drop which makes uploading orders for shipping easy without the need for complicated dropbox linking or etc.

This plugin uses the new Royal Mail API in order to upload orders on demand into your Click & Drop dashboard.

We send the customers name, address and email as well as the total weight of items (if setup) to Click & Drop for you.

One Click and order info is uploaded into Royal Mail ready for shipping label creation, customers shipping/billing address is sent as well as basket total, shipping charged and the total weight of the items.

You can also tick multiple orders from the order list and send them all to Click & Drop in one go, our module has a order status it will flip orders to that are successfully uploaded, make sure you set this to an appropriate order status (good to know if any orders fail to upload or not when processing multiple).

How it works
In your Click and Drop dashboard click "settings".
Click "integrations"
Click "Royal Mail API" and create an API key.
Copy the API key into the extensions > Modules > Royal Mail Click & Drop
Select a status for your order to be flipped to once uploaded.


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10 Mar 2021

6 Mar 2021
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