More Option Price Prefixes

More Option Price Prefixes
By default, opencart has only two prefixes for option prices.
When the admin chooses an option for the product, he must specify its price with a positive and negative prefix for the customer.
This can be very difficult on some products and we may even have to use a calculator.
This module adds six new items to this section so you can easily set the price of options, these include math symbols or a combination of them:

% -
% +

See the use of these symbols in the example below, you can also test them in the demo version.

Suppose you have a product with the following price:

Original product price = $ 100.00

With this plugin, you can specify the price of the options for this product as follows:

Price of the first option: (60%) Final price = $ 60.00

Price of the second option: (-10%) Final price = $ 90.00

Third option price: (+ 10%) Final price = $ 110.00

Fourth option price: (= 120) Final price = $ 120.00 [Full price]

Fifth option price: (* 2) Final price = $ 200.00

Sixth option price: (/ 2) Final price = $ 50.00

In addition to being very practical, this extension is also very small and simple.

Product Page(Front-end)

Product Edit(Back-end)

Admin-panel: Product Edit
Shop: Product Page

Extension Installation Guide
Upload the zip file via extensions / Installer / Upload
Once the upload is done, Please go to Extensions / Modifications and hit the refresh button. If the theme caches is enabled, Refresh the theme caches in the admin panel / Dashboard / Gear icon.

To install in OpenCart version 4, do the following steps:
First, download the latest version of "vQmod" from the link below and install it in your store:
Now go to "Extension/Install" section and upload the module via "Upload" button. Once the module name is added to the "Installed Plugins" list, install it via the "Install" button, then go to "Extension/Extension/Module" and find the "More Options Price Prefix" module and install it. . Finally, enter the module settings and activate and save the module.

For install and support free click on the "GET SUPPORT" button on this page. or drop me an email:

See also "More Option Weight Prefixes"

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