Perfect POS - Advanced Point of Sale Solution

Perfect POS - Advanced Point of Sale Solution
PerfectPOS is the result of continuous development of a perfect web-based point of sale solution to meet the needs of any store. This is developed with fast billing, stability and usability in mind.

It turns any modern web browser into a cash register, allowing you to holistically manage your products, orders and payment. PerfectPOS is perfect for retail stores, market stalls, food and drink vendors, vape stores, jewellers and more.

Built for Opencart

With over five years of research and development, Point of Sale for WooCommerce has been designed and built to work natively with Opencart. There are no third-party API interfaces; simply download and install the extension, open a register, and start selling.

Highly configurable

Offering a variety of POS configurable options, this extension provides flexibility and versatility for store owners to remain both competitive and innovative for success and growth.

New Reports

PerfectPOS adds few new reports exclusive to POS sales. Reports can be exported to a CSV file.

  • Payment Summary report
  • Payment details report
  • Cash Report report
  • Commission Summary report
  • Commission Details report

POS Stock Manager

Stock manager is a powerful feature where store admin can quickly manage the inventory, get a visual representation of items below recommended stock level, set alerts for minimum stock, print stock and restock reports etc


We know the pain and issues with POS sales. The extension comes with lots of flexible options to implement and carry out POS sales with no disruption in the operation. Few features worth mentioning are

  • Ability to sell Non-catalog products : Add a product dynamically from POS itself and sell immediately without leaving the POS terminal
  • Quick search of the product from console using name, model, manufacturer, SKU, UPC, MPN and EAN
  • Cash adjustments using Cash in and Cash out
  • Switch between orders quickly
  • Hold the current bill and start a new one
  • Billing using minimal clicks/touches

Easy to use Payment screen

Payment can be even done using a combination of multiple payment options. Seller can enter denominations of currency quickly

Other Features

  • PerfectPOS has every feature a modern POS system requires. Below is the summary of other features
  • Full screen POS console for better usability and fast billing
  • Barcode Scan
  • Sales returns with or without an existing order
  • Create Quotes
  • Cash In/Out
  • Catalog navigation by category or search by key fields
  • Apply discounts by fixed amount or percentage
  • Print receipts
  • Apply coupons
  • Multiple payment options Cash, credit card, Gift Voucher, Reward points etc
  • Define denominations
  • Offline Mode
  • Set different price for POS product sales
  • Low stock warnings
  • Openbay integration
  • Till control Open/Close
  • Configurable amount roundings
  • Discounts by POS seller groups
  • Commissions to seller
  • User as Affiliates

We are sure you won't miss any features required by your business in this remarkable extension.

This best extension comes with best customer support. We are ready to help you on your queries within 1 - 12 hours

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Login for sales man
Username : pos
Password : pos123

Login for manager
Username : posmanager
Password : posmanager

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