Opencart Fastway Shipping

Opencart Fastway Shipping
Opencart Fastway Shipping: This module Fastway Shipping extension allows the customers to choose the Fastway Courier shipping method for their product delivery. The shipping rates are automatically calculated according to the store address, product weight, and delivery zip code. The API fetches the real-time shipping charges and displays them to the customer.

Note: The Fastway Shipping method services are functional in four countries – New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa domestically.

Use Case

There are various challenges that the store admin faces when it comes to providing the customers with a convenient third-party shipping service. As various constraints determine which is a more favorable shipping service.

The basic requirement being the shipping service must provide real-time shipping charges at the time of checkout with multiple options so that the customers can choose the cheapest among them.

The Fastway shipping method is the ultimate shipping service as it provides multiple shipping options and is currently available in countries like New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa. Moreover, the store’s origin country and regional franchise help in providing the most suited deal to the customers.


  • Fastway shipping method is a Cost-effective and reliable shipping method.
  • The admin can enter a custom shipping method name.
  • Moreover, the admin can manage the shipping method from the configuration.
  • The customer can use the shipping method if the shipping method available for their address.
  • Customers can see the shipping method name on the order detail page.


For this module, you need the Fastway API key, and the shipping method can be given a custom title for the store.

Since the Fastway shipping ships products domestically only it is required to give details about the store owners Regional Franchise and origin country also ship to applicable countries can be configured with enabled services including Parcel, Satchel, and Box.

Moreover, the admin can choose to display the delivery product’s weight to the customers, set an error message implement tax class, and define average shipping box size dimensions and the default product weight.

Frontend View

The customers can select the shipping method based on their choice from the various available alternatives under the Fastway Shipping method.

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