New Field to all Registration Pages

New Field to all Registration Pages
New Field to all Registration and Edition Pages (Front-end and Back-end ) (vQmod)

*Why would I need this extension?
To add custom new fields to the registration/ edition pages.

These are some custom fields my customer have added with this extension:
ID, NIF, NIC, Mobile, Birthdate
and many more...

*What this extension does :

    ****Adds the new field to:
  • the standard registration page (route= account/register)
  • the registration form when the customer is checking out (router= checkout/checkout)
  • the customer's account edition page, so that the customer can edit/ update this new field (route=account/edit)


  • the "insert new customer page" so that the admin can use it when registering a new customer from the back-end.
  • the " edit existing customer page", so that the admin can edit/ update this new field.

* I have to see it working! :
Don't worry, These are the links to the demo
Demo Customer account: Email: / Password: demo

BACK-END (Username and password: demo)

In this demo you can see the new fields "ID Number" , birthdate (with datepicker) and mobile Remember the extension only adds one field by default. If you need more than one, please contact me for customization.

* Opencart Versions Supported :
Opencart Versions: 1.5.2.x / 1.5.3.x / 1.5.4.x / 1.5.5.x
Note: Contact me if you have a previous version.

* What you get with your purchase :

  • Free installation of the vQmod system if needed.
  • Free Installation of this extension, and free small customization like changing the name of the field, the position where it is added, making it required or not, and the type of field.
  • Personalized Support for any other customization you might need.

* have a question? :

Please contact me!
  • Email: dev [at] technopolaris [dot] com
  • Skype and G-talk username: codekmarv
  • Check the status of your tickets or open a new one: SUPPORT

Please include your order id if you've already purchased the extension.
También tenemos soporte en Español!

Best Regards,

Marvin Mendez

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  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


1.5.6,,,,, 1.5.4,,

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7 Feb 2023

2 Dec 2011
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