Label For Products

Label For Products
This extension is a complete module for creating various and attractive tags.

"Product tags" have features not found in similar modules.
There are several options for designing and styling tags, and to select a product, there are many filters that you can use to create attractive tags.

The label of a box is completely separate and is placed on the product image or under its name and does not change the image.
All your tags are displayed in a regular list and you can edit, deactivate or delete the tags you want.
Using this module is very simple and easy, there are no additional and useless options that complicate the extension and confuse the user, this means that the module does not take up much space of your site memory.
Module settings and labels are designed to be completely "responsive"
To see the function of the module and sample tags, go to the demo via the links below the description and create a tag!


  • By categories
  • By product name (autocomplete)
  • By stock status (when the product is not in stock)
  • By Manufacturer
  • By searching for a word (you can select one or more fields "description, meta_keyword, sku" to search)
  • By special price (you can choose products that have a special price)
  • By the latest products (for example, if you enter the number 10 in this box, the last 10 products of your store will be selected)
  • By Best-selling Products (select your best-selling products by entering a number, for example, by entering the number 5, select your five best-selling products to display the label)
  • By Quantity Range (you can either specify a range or select products with one of the "Maximum" or "Minimum" fields)
  • By Price Range (you can either specify a range or select products with one of the "Maximum" or "Minimum" fields)
  • By date range (you can either specify a range or select products with one of the "Maximum" or "Minimum" fields)
  • By Rating Range (you can either specify a range or select products with one of the "Maximum" or "Minimum" fields)
  • By product options (for example, you can select products that have a "color" option, or you can even select those that have a blue color)
  • By Customer Group (If you select a customer group in this section, the label will be displayed only for customers who are in this group)


  • There is a live demo in the design section (module settings) and what you create you can see there
  • Some styles are done by Text Editor and are not included in the module options, which makes the extension smaller (font-weight, font-size, image selection, font-color, direction, etc.)
  • If you wish, you can add different Border styles to your label, you can also choose its color and width.
  • With the Border Radius option, you can circle the shape of the label, or create rounded corners for the label
  • Adjust the height and width of the label
  • Adjust the height and width for the image inside the label
  • With the location option, you can choose whether the label is displayed on the product image or at the top of the product caption
  • Line height
  • Background color
  • Rotate (you can rotate the label box)
  • Position Horizontal (when you set the location option to the image)
  • Position Vertical (when you set the location option to the image)
  • You can specify the position of the label with the directions between the module options (when you set the location option to the image)
  • Animation (this is a simple animation to attract the customer)
  • Opacity
  • And...

Module Settings

username : demo
password : demo

Edit Label

Label List

Extension Installation Guide

Upload the zip file via extensions / Installer / Upload
Once the upload is done, Please go to Extensions / Modifications and hit the refresh button. Then, Please go to Extensions / Extensions/modules / Install Label For Products 1.0, Enable and save it.
Click the Edit Module button to create a label.
Now press the add button and create your own label using the module options.

For install and support free click on the "GET SUPPORT" button on this page. or drop me an email:

What customers say about Label For Products

This dev is amazing. Quick to reply, he trusted me, friendly and knowledgeable.
Great support from the developer


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