Opencart Gift the Product

Opencart Gift the Product

Customers love to get freebies from the online stores they shop from. If you want to build loyal customers, one of the best ways is to give them gifts. You can effortlessly do that with the help of the OpenCart gift the product extension by Knowband. The OpenCart freebie extension allows the store admin to display different gifts on the front-end depending on the cart value of the customer. Once the admin selects the cart value and the respective gifts as per the cart value, the customers are encouraged to shop more to get different gifts from the website.

So, for example, the store admin displays gifts like a mug, a t-shirt, etc for a cart value of above $30. In addition, displays a fashionable handbag, a dress shirt, etc., for a cart value of above $50. The customer would be tempted to get the handbag or shirt and increase the cart value. This way, the OpenCart gift module by Knowband comes in really useful for your eCommerce store.

Benefits of the OpenCart product purchase reward

1. Increased cart value
The OpenCart reward gift module by Knowband allows and motivates the customers to increase their cart value. Furthermore, this is done to receive a better gift from the store for shopping more.

2. More sales and revenues
When the customers shop more, it directly increases the sales of your store.

3. Increased number of loyal customers
Giving free gifts with the help of the OpenCart free gift extension by Knowband increases the number of loyal customers. When they receive goodies from the store, they would want to come back and get more. Hence, you’ve earned yourself loyal customers

4. Easy promotion of products
The products are displayed as gifts with the help of the OpenCart promotion gift, you can promote selected products as well.

5. Promotion of your brand through word of mouth
A happy customer would always bring up your brand while talking to others. Moreover, when they get free gifts, they spread the word promoting your brand to others without any advertising cost.

6. Enhanced customer engagement
When the customer comes and spends time searching for products that they can buy to earn more freebies or gifts from the store, they engage better with the store.

7. Easy setting of the price rules for a different gift for different cart values
With the help of the OpenCart gift the product extension by Knowband, the store admin can easily set the price rules for the different gifts for different cart values. You have the control to decide how much should a cart have for respective gifts for the customers.

8. Effortless changing of the layout from the back-end as per need
The store admin can easily choose from the layout of the product listing from the Admin interface of the OpenCart gift product.

Features of the OpenCart freebie extension by Knowband

1. Showcase different products as gifts on the front-end
The OpenCart gift module allows the admin to select the different products as gifts on the front-end. The admin can decide the gifts as per the cart value.

2. Choose from the different layouts
With the help of the OpenCart promotion gift module, the store admin can choose from the two layouts for listing the products on the front-end. The options include:
--> Sliding listing of products
--> Normal listing of products

3. Choice of number of products
The store admin can effortlessly choose the number of products to display as free gifts on the front-end. In addition, he can do it from the back-end of the OpenCart free gift extension.

4. Allows to increase the average order value
The OpenCart reward gift by Knowband allows the admin to increase the average order value by offering a specific cart amount.

5. The OpenCart product purchase reward is mobile responsive
The OpenCart gift the product extension is mobile responsive.

Benefits of the OpenCart gift product for the customers

• Get free gifts
The customers can avail free gifts every time they make a purchase at the eCommerce store with the OpenCart freebie extension.

• Shop more for more gifts
The customers can easily shop more to earn better freebies from the store.

Advantages of choosing Knowband OpenCart gift product Extension

• 3 Months Free Support
• Quick & Fast Response from the support team
• New version releases with advanced features to meet the real-life challenges

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