Simple SendGrid Mailer

Simple SendGrid Mailer
This SendGrid mailer works with attachments!

SendGrid is useful for sites that are not able to send mail through their web host or who are finding that using Gmail or other SMTP services are causing bottlenecks or too are limiting. You can signup at I am not affiliated with them except as a customer.

If you've downloaded any of the free SendGrid mail extensions here you already know they are poorly implemented and identical to each other. In fact, I purchased one of the commercial SendGrid mailers here only to discover that (surprise) it was identical to the free ones. So I wrote one that works.

I've tested it with multiple attachments and with multiple recipients. Unlike the others, this module doesn't replace Opencart's standard mail functionality so it will play well with other modules that send mail.

After install, "SendGrid Mail" will be available as a standard Mail Engine option in the System > Settings > Edit > Mail Tab. Select SendGrid Mail from the dropdown and use your SendGrid API key as the SMTP password. No other parameters are required. After you save your e-mails will go through SendGrid.

This module also plays well with the Background Mail Queue module that is available commercially on this site. I'm not connected to them, but it's a great little mod that will speed up your site and checkout process by kicking e-mails into a queue instead of waiting for them to send.

This module doesn't sync contacts or use any other API features. It simply sends email using the SendGrid API V3.

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16 Jun 2021

11 Jun 2021
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