Fast Cache PRO - Increase Performance + Scalability

Fast Cache PRO - Increase Performance + Scalability
Page Cache + Browser Cache + Javascript and CSS Optimization + Image Compression + Database Cache + Models Optimization + APC or Memcache or Redis

The "Fast Cache PRO - Increase Performance + Scalability" extension allows your website users to open pages much faster. Because few buyers want to spend a lot of time choosing a product. And slow page loading is one of the reasons why users leave the site without making a purchase.
Therefore, it is important to reduce the waiting time that your client spends.

A large assortment of products on your website (hundreds of thousands), as well as a large number of users who request pages at the same time, can slow down the work of an online store.
If the load on the server for processing user requests increases, the website may not only slow down very much, but also crash.

How it works?
When a user opens a website page, this page should be generated. After that it is displayed to the user. Any page is created like this every time someone opens it.
If you are using the extension, server-side page caching is applied. This means that after the page is generated upon opening, this page is saved for some time. And the next time it is opened, it is retrieved from the cache and displayed to the user. This operation is much faster than re-generation.

Besides reducing page load time, the extension allows you to improve the performance of your website and speed up operations.
That is, in addition to caching for website pages and browser, the extension performs:
- the optimization of js files and css styles,
- the compression / conversion of images with the Squeezeimg Image Optimizer (see the terms of use for the service at,
- optimization of the database and models.

Improve the responsiveness and scalability of your online store using the "Fast Cache PRO - Increase Performance + Scalability" extension. This allows:
  • Increase the website loading speed and improve SEO rank.
  • Reduce used disk space and improve the website performance.
  • Improve conversions and increase sales profit.

Installation instructions:
  • Download and install the extension;
  • On the settings page, select the general parameters of the extension;
  • Specify the parameters for optimization and caching of JS files and CSS styles;
  • Specify the parameters for caching of website pages and browser;
  • Specify the parameters for image compression / conversion. To start optimization, you need to add the API key that generated after registration your Squeezeimg account;
  • Specify the parameters for caching of database and models;
  • Select a driver to use for caching;
  • Save changes and increase the performance of your website.


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