Add to Cart by URL

Add to Cart by URL

Earn more sales by promoting direct URLs of cart – no need to go to product page and choose all required options then click on Add to Cart button: With help to this extension make this process automate, user just click on URL and do checkout without performing choose products step. This process helps in land more users on website and then convert them into assets. Core feature of this extension is – eliminate step of choosing products for checkout, store owner can make combinations of predefined products + options then share crafted URL with customers, on social media pages, so on.

one click add to cart various products
Define landing page after URL load
Add multiple products for quick cart
Auto apply coupon for add to cart URL products
Manage or Clear out old state of cart
Work out of box with minimal configuration
Multi Store Add to Cart URL Generate
No core file change
Quick and reliable support

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8 May 2024

18 Jun 2021
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