Professional Product Image Zoom

Professional Product Image Zoom
Looking for best of all worlds. Zoom Pro in the jewel of zoom product images for product and additional product. With easy to use controls, highly adaptable features and a solid functioning zoom WITHOUT EFFECTING YOUR POP-UP. A really beautiful, smooth, quality and professional zoom function that out classes other zoom modules on the market.

Customers want to feel confident when purchasing online. Having the ability to study a product using zoom to see specific details builds that confidence and encourages them to buy. Designed for high zoom capability, adjustable to suit your product and perfect for fabrics, prints, arts and crafts and precision parts where high definition sells.

The best of all worlds, mouse control magnification, image swop and image pop up. With a advanced smoothing effect and customisable design, placement and size features, plus many more. A professional and highly customisable zoom for your Opencart store that stands up to the very best of the zooms available.

With the mouse scroll feature, customers are able to zoom into the finest of details and zoom out to have a better overview. Create your own shape and size to best set off your products, edit the size dependant on the screen and colouration to suit your theme, Zoom Image can be integrated to suit your store in minutes to perfectly suit your sites design.

Proffessional Zoom Features

+ Image Swap on/off
+ High precision zoom
+ Mouse Scroll Zoom Level on/off
+ Smooth Zoom Movement on/off
+ Desaturation on/off
+ Tint & Coloration over on/off
+ Zoom Shadow on/off
+ Magnify shadow on/off
+ Pop up on/off
+ Choose between zoom external window (viewing box) or internal window (magnify glass) viewing types
+ Adapt the size of both external window and internal window to suit your site
+ Adapt window on a mobile if required (ability to select for wider screen e.g. iPads)
+ Adapt the shape of the viewing window (both)
+ Change the background colour
+ Choose to display the map point (area being magnified)
+ Adapt the colour of the map point
+ Select the border colour and width of viewing window (both)
+ Adapt the distance of the internal window
+ Set the magnification Level
+ Add custom css

What customers say about Professional Product Image Zoom

Premium extension at a budget price! I can do anything with product images - scroll zoom, pop-up. Very lightweight, doesnt affect load time. I used Magic Zoom Plus, which was severely overpriced and slow. This is definitely smoother; my customers love my product presentation now. A gem of module and definitely a steal at that price!


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