Multi Company SaaS Extension - Build Website Like Shopify/Wix

Multi Company SaaS Extension - Build Website Like Shopify/Wix
Opencart Multi Website SaaS Extension: OpenCart has a facility to create an inbuilt online e-commerce store where a store owner wants to convert their store into a virtual e-commerce store. Multi-company SaaS extension for Opencart has the facility to establish an online e-commerce store without any other plugin required.

With the help of this Multi-Company SaaS Extension of Opencart, you will be able to create your own Shopify or BigCommerce kind of website.

The store owner or merchant can create a store website with their domain name. They just need to complete the sign-up process and the online e-commerce store is ready to start their business.

This module has functionality that multiple store owners or merchants can sign-up and access at the same time. This module also has an attribute of membership by which a tenant can purchase or upgrade a membership plan.

Use Case

It is very useful where a store owner or tenant wants to start their e-commerce business for their physical store or wants to start their new online business as they can create the online store website with their domain name without any other plug-in and installation. They just need to register themself and can start the online store for their business in few minutes.

The store owner can manage the online e-commerce store on their own at the admin back-end panel. It is very useful where a store owner does not have the core technical knowledge to create his online store.


  • The Primary Admin can set the images and description for the tenant’s registration page and every step of the registration page also.
  • The Primary Admin can view and check the commission for the tenant’s products.
  • The Primary Admin can view, edit and even add the tenants/clients from the admin panel.
  • The Primary Admin can assign the different themes to every store owner.
  • The Primary Admin can configure the registration email for the clients.
  • The Primary Admin can view the list of the products of the tenants.
  • Multiple clients can access it at the same time.
  • Easy installation of the module as no need to add further plugins.
  • All types of product support for Opencart.
  • Custom domain feature available as tenants can create websites of their mapped domain.
  • The client can add the products and sell them online after creating their store.
  • Tenants can view the commission for the products from the client admin panel.
  • Tenants can create all types of products; Simple, Configurable, and downloadable.
  • Tenants can manage their own store using their back-end admin panel.
  • Tenants can also add the products, recurring profiles, categories, etc. from the catalog option.
  • The Primary Admin can view and edit membership details like membership name, the total number of days, etc.
  • The Primary Admin can even choose the module which can be used by the tenant with the membership.
  • The Primary Admin can see the transaction list of the members from the membership transaction option of their admin sidebar.
  • The Primary Admin can configure the email for saas membership.
  • A product for membership feature can also be created by the Primary Admin.
  • Membership feature available for the tenants.
  • The tenant can purchase and upgrade the membership.
  • The membership transaction list can also be viewed by the tenant in the Membership Transaction option.
  • The previous membership plan can be merged with the existing membership plan.


After the installation, the admin needs to configure the module and then he has to enable the module. There the primary admin can set the registration page general settings and can configure the email settings.

Similarly, the primary admin has to enable the status of the saas membership module. Here the Primary Admin can also configure the membership email subject for membership mail and merge the previous plan.

The Primary Admin will have to create a product for membership.

The member’s name will be visible to the membership list in the admin back-end panel.

The Primary Admin can add or edit the membership details like membership name, the total number of days for the membership, total number of products, options, and category.

The details of the membership transaction will be checked in the membership transaction section.

The admin can view and edit the client details from their backend dashboard.

The admin can also view and set the commission from the backend panel.

The primary admin can also assign the themes to their clients.

The clients/tenants can register themselves and from the store registration option. There will be a three-step registration process by clicking on the store registration option.

If a tenant has already an account so the tenant can directly login to the tenant admin panel by Login button as shown below:

In the first step basic information like First name, last name, user name, telephone, email, password and confirm password to be filled by the tenants.

In the second step store registration details like country, region/state, language and currency will be filled by the client/tenants.

In the third step, the tenants need to fill in the details like; store URL, meta title, store name, address of the store, and store owner name.

After completing the third step registration, the store registration will be complete and the tenant will receive an email with the admin URL and store URL.

The tenants can view the membership details of their purchased plan and upgrade it from their backend panel.

When the tenant clicks on the upgrade button then it will redirect the tenant to the below page to upgrade the plan.

The tenants can go to the client admin panel and view the details of the commission.

Tenants can view and manage their sales like order lists, recurring profiles, returns, and gift vouchers.

The list of customers, customers groups, customers field also be managed and viewed by the tenants from the back-end panel.

After that, the front-end of their store can be viewed and manage by the client/ tenants where the tenant can sell their products online.

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