consentmanager | GDPR | DSGVO Cookie solution

consentmanager | GDPR | DSGVO Cookie solution
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    Easy to integrate
    DSGVO/GDPR and ePrivacy compliant
    Integrated cookie crawler
    Higher acceptance rate & lower bounce rate
    Fully customizable to your design

    All texts customizable
    Countless design settings, also own CSS possible
    Automatically update your privacy policy by integrating our dynamic provider & cookie list
    A/B testing, find the perfect design with the help of our machine learning system
    Optimized interface for desktop, mobile, AMP websites and inApp Android and iPhone/iOS

Consentmanager - How does it work?
Our CMP solution is very easy to integrate:

Just log in to your account, set your website(s), create the code and add their ID to the Shopware plugin. Our platform will automatically start collecting consent from your visitors. Furthermore, advertisers and other partners can immediately communicate directly with the CMP via the IAB standardized API and query whether there is consent to the advertising measures.

New: Our new "Consent Optimizer" automatically determines which of the numerous design variants works best for your visitors. It thus automatically shows the design which best animates your visitors to consent and thus ensures high consent rates!

Get to know your visitors
The CMP provides you with lots of evaluations on the most diverse facets of your visitors. With this, you will find out exactly how many website views and thus usable ads come from users who have given consent, and how much from rejecting visitors. Evaluate exactly which design works best or compare desktop visitors with mobile visitors. Our extensive filtering and grouping options allow you to answer almost any question in one report.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a CMP?
Short answer: Probably yes. Long answer: If your company is based in the EEA (European Economic Area) or if you are dealing with customers/visitors from this area and show them advertising, it is very likely that you will collect and/or process personal data such as IP-addresses. Therefore, according to GDPR, you need to make sure that the visitor is informed and you need to ask the user for consent. In order to do this you will need a CMP.

How do I obtain consent from my visitors?
By integrating our CMP into your website ? Our CMP will display a message to visitors and ask them to give consent. We will then store this choice and make it available to your advertisers and other vendors (tools) so that they know if/how they can work with personal data.
Will third party cookies be blocked if no consent is given? Yes, our CMP offers a solution to block advertisers/codes that do not have consent from the visitor.

Is it complicated?
No! In the simplest case you only have to integrate a code into your website - that's all!

Is your Cookie Tool compatible with my Tag Manager or Analytics software like Google TagManager (GTM), Adobe Tag Manager, Tealium iQ, HotJar, Hubspot,.. ?
Yes. Our consent solution provides first party javascript variables and data layers that can be used with most Tag Management software. For many Tag Managers we also have special data layer structures in order to make it even easier to work with us. Supported Tag managers and Analytics software include AT Tasty, Adbobe Analytics, Adometry, Chartbeat, CXsense, Google Analytics, Eulerian, Hotjar, Hubspot, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Mouseflow, Nielsen, or Webtrekk

How much does it cost?
Our Basic Package is free up to 10,000 PageViews per month. Our Standard Package starts at 50 EUR per month including 2.5 million pageviews. Above 2.5M we charge 0.02 EUR per 1000 pageviews.

What happens with the Basic Package after 10,000 PageViews?
Once 10,000 PageViews are reached in a month the CMP will automatically stop delivering the consent layer and your visitors will no longer be able to give consent. We will NOT automatically charge you or upgrade you - the Basic Package will always be free.

What is a CMP anyway?
A CMP is short for Consent Management Provider or its synonym Consent Management Platform. In some cases it is also used for Choice Management Platform or Choice Management Provider. In all cases it is the same: It is a software or service that provides transparency and asks your visitors for consent for certain purposes, such as setting cookies, marketing, analytics or personalization.

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