OpenCart Loyalty Points

OpenCart Loyalty Points

Are you looking forward to converting your customers into loyal customers? Loyal customers are an important asset for any eCommerce store. If you want the sales and revenues of your eCommerce store to increase, investing in loyalty and discount programs is important. Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established name, loyal customers are important when it comes to developing and growing a business. That’s where the OpenCart Loyalty Points extension by Knowband comes into the picture.

The Customer reward system by Knowband helps the store admin give loyalty points to the customers for different activities. For instance, the first signup, first order, and other options are the best moments to give loyalty points. Hence, offering OpenCart Loyalty Reward Points focuses on your ordinary customers. Further, you can build and increase their steadfastness eventually. This OpenCart purchase points extension attracts new visitors. Moreover, it is a reinforcement for them to convert and get additional benefits.

Benefits of the OpenCart loyalty discount coupons

1. When should the loyalty points be given?
The store admin can simply set the order status. Moreover, he can decide whether the reward points will be awarded or not.

2. The setting of the Rules
The store admin can set the different rules for offering loyalty points to the customers. For instance, he can set rules for cart value, the quantity of the products, and much more. He can do it with the Loyalty points extension for OpenCart.

3. Start date and End date setting
The store admin can effortlessly manage the setting of the start date and end of the loyalty points with the OpenCart Loyalty points and discount extension. He can create the extremity of the points.

4. Email notification
The store can seamlessly send an email notification to the customer. Further, when the loyalty points are received through the OpenCart Loyalty Points plugin.

5. Customizable email template
The Reward points module for the Opencart platform features customizable email templates. In fact, the store admin can simply edit the email template before sending it to the customer. Last, the templates are customizable for different occasions.

6. Tracking the loyalty point and history
With the help of the OpenCart customer loyalty system by Knowband, the admin can effortlessly monitor the loyalty points. In addition, he can even track the history with the status as well.

7. Addition of loyalty points in bulk
The store admin can easily add the loyalty points in bulk using CSV.

8. Loyalty points increase customer retention rate
Having the loyalty points program in your eCommerce store helps increase the customer retention rate of the eCommerce store.

Key Features of the OpenCart loyalty discount coupons

• With the help of the Customer reward system, the store admin can reward customers with loyalty points for various activities. For instance, new signup, first order, and much more.

• The Loyalty points module for OpenCart by Knowband allows the admin to create different rules for earning the loyalty points from the back-end. For instance, what should be the cart value, number of products, and more.

• The customer can redeem the points on the next purchase or any of the following purchases. In fact, all he/she needs to do is include the discount coupon during the checkout.

• The store admin can easily set the expiration date of the loyalty points with the OpenCart customer loyalty system. Moreover, this creates an urgency for the customer as they don't want the free points to expire. Hence, shop!

• After customer receives the loyalty points, the admin can send an email notification to inform him/her. He can do it with the help of the OpenCart loyalty discount coupons extension.

• The Opencart Loyalty Store Credit extension enables the admin to monitor the loyalty points in a customer's account.

• The admin can customize the email templates before sending the same to the customers depending on the occasion.

• With the OpenCart Loyalty points and discount extension, the admin can track the history of the loyalty points of the customers.

Benefits of the OpenCart Loyalty Points extension for the Customers

• The customers earned loyalty points can be redeemed while shopping on the eCommerce store with the help of the OpenCart Loyalty Points extension.

• In fact, the customers get loyalty points for shopping even more products from the store. In addition, redeem the same for newer products.

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