Flamix Bitrix24 and OpenCart/ocStore integrations

Integration of a OpenCart site and Bitrix24 CRM.
Creation of a Lead or Deal in Bitrix24 from the OpenCart store when client add order.
Unlimited orders and fields.

More details and install Bitrix24 OpenCart Apps - https://flamix.solutions/bitrix24/integrations/site/opencart.php

Plugin benefits:

  • Simple integration in 5 minutes, without programmers and reworks;
  • Integration of orders from the OpenCart store into the Bitrix24 CRM;
  • Auto-formatting of numbers;
  • Search and bind of Contact and Company;
  • Catch and send of UTM tags;
  • Smart UTM - When UTM empty, we put referer in UTM, if referer exist;
  • Send site domain, user IP and user Referer site (if exist);
  • End-to-end analytics support;
  • Transfer of visit IDs (for the conversion plugin);
  • Transfer of visited pages to lead;
  • Control of repeat leads (Mark “Repeat lead”);
  • Tight duplicate control (Leads merging);
  • Choice of observers;
  • Queue of responsible persons;
  • Search and linking of goods;
  • Notification of the responsible persons and/or observers;
  • Integration of custom fields;
  • Creation of a Deal with the previous responsible person if the lead has already made deals before (optional).

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  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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16 Feb 2024

6 Jul 2021
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