ShinyStat Analytics

ShinyStat Analytics
Install the ShinyStat Analytics extension and start to monitor Web Analytics dashboard and to engage your visitors with On-site Marketing Automation tools provided by ShinyStat.

Analytics services measure accesses to your shop in real time, allowing you to verify details about the progression of traffic, the features of your visitors and what they are looking for.

ShinyStat Widget that shows the counter icon can be inserted into your website pages, so both you and your visitors can see immediately how traffic is evolving.

Various aspects are monitored by ShinyStat services, allowing a complete control over all the main parameters and an efficient understanding of visitor behavior.

The Keyword Not Provided report shows a probabilistic projection of the keywords used to reach the site by users on search engines, representing an essential tool for SEO and SEM managers.

In the Business edition, ShinyStat also provides a socio-demographic report that allows you to know the statistical distribution of the Audience by gender, age groups and areas of interest. All this represents an excellent basis to improve the offers, the language to be adopted, the services to be offered and more generally the communication strategy to be implemented.

Finally, thanks to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, ShinyStat also provides On-site Marketing Automation ShinyEngage tool.
With this tool you can send specific messages to targeted users at the most appropriate time in order to increase purchases, for example when user exit intent is detected without completing a purchase.

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