Via.Delivery shipping

Via.Delivery shipping
Alternative delivery locations for e-commerce

How it works:
* You integrate with Via.Delivery platform for free. Your client choses a location close to her apartment at your website. It can be one of over 10.000 shops, pharmacies or gas stations that are connected to the platform
* Order is delivered to chosen location via us. Delivery is made using existing retail chains’ infrastructure. We also generate all barcodes/QR needed to proceed the transaction
* Your client picks up her order at a chosen location at a cash desk in 1-2 days. All she needs is the private code she gets via email/SMS

* More than 15,000 delivery points, and we keep adding new pick points.
* Pick-up points are always within walking distance for your customers so it can fit their lifestyle and routines.
* Pick up at the cash desk means security – 100% of parcels will be delivered to the end client.
Competitive advantage:
* Our cost of delivery is the lowest on the market because we use existing logistics infrastructure of retail chains.
* Highest coverage of pick points at your clients neighborhood.
* First mile is done by our side.

* Our logistics is based on existing retail infrastructure which means regularity and frequency.
* Our platform is built on Amazon Web Services which guarantees stability and unlimited load of orders.

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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