Sell Products As Packs / Wholesale Products

Sell Products As Packs / Wholesale Products
Do you sell some of your items in packs? that is where 1 item consist of 10 or 20 items and has to be sold as one?
If your answer is yes this is a module for you which one allows you to set your products and start selling in packs.

Imagine you have 100 items of something , but you want to sell it not by one, but at once 10 at a time, so simply you create your pack:)

Set how many items has to be sold in a pack, and you are done. Customers will be able to buy the items in a packs you set.
So no more add to cart 100 items (clicking + icon) or changing quantity manually. Customer will have to add just one item of the product to cart and he will be purchasing the set of a pack:)

This is a must to have module for those shop owners who have added products in quantities, but want to sell in packs. For example you have 1000 matches:) and want to sell boxes where 100 matches in one box.
simply set pack size 100 and you are done. you will have 10 packs to sell (in each one containing 1000 matches:)

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