myLang - Site Translator / Magic Button

myLang - Site Translator / Magic Button

Easy to install with an OCMOD file - you don't need to do anything with FTP, even if you delete it.

About Extension
The Magic Button is an easy and fast way to translate your HTML texts. You can translate your site into 90 languages. You can click for the product, category, or extension that you want to translate separately on some language or you can translate new entries automatically, even the whole site at once.

- You can translate either a single page or the entire site.

- You can close a tab and translations will still be performed.

- You can generate URL-s for new translations.

- Use your own Glossary.

How to use?
If you want to run fast Mass translate or URL generation, you need to configure the CRON operation.

If you want to translate a single text, you just go to the language tab and click the button.

How much does it cost?
Extension - FREE
Always free official extension.

OpenCart users can use coupon code OpenCart2022 and get 50 000 000 symbols for free until the end of 2022.

Need more Symbols?
You have to pay for more characters that need to be translated. We have the lowest prices for the quality of Neural Machine Translations that results.This is true 21st-century artificial intelligence with the highest GLUE, MultiNLI benchmarks. Buying characters only from our official website

How to install it?
1. In the admin panel of OpenCart choose the menu item Extensions - Installer and upload the file ocmod file;
2. Select the menu item Extensions - Modifications and press the Refresh Button;
3. In the Extensions - Extensions - Modules find myLang and install it;
4. After installation go to the extension settings and configure the module;
5. Register on the site to get the API key;
6. Paste the API key in your OpenCart extension settings.

How to update it?
To update your module, select the menu item: Extensions - Installer, find the installed version and uninstall it. Install the new version according to the instructions above. Module settings: entered API key, other fields and settings will be restored automatically.

How to remove it?
To deactivate the module, select the menu item: Extensions - Extensions - Modules, find the installed version and uninstall it. You can also deactivate it in Extensions - Modifications.

To delete extension’s files from your server, select the menu item: Extensions - Installer, find the installed version and uninstall it.

Release notes
Current Version: 2.1.3

Need help?
Please, feel free to press “Get Support” to get a response and do not use feedback for these purposes.

What customers say about myLang - Site Translator / Magic Button

I am very happy with this app. I recommend it to everyone! The technical support team is very good and they immediately solve any problems that arise if they have any! Technical support helped me in a flash with the installation and the elimination of some errors.
Convenient and simple extension menu. Translates instantly a full page of a website or a selected fragment. Installation is simple, constant updating.
We managed to translate the site into a couple of clicks, everything is as simple and convenient as possible.

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25 Oct 2022

31 Jul 2021
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