B2B Purchasing Lists

B2B Purchasing Lists
This is a Purchase List (bit like a wishlist) for B2B stores. Ideal for suppliers of parts to manufacturers, or wholesalers to retailers, that sort of thing.

The customer can create multiple lists and store products with options on the list and then add everything to the cart with just one button click, or individually add to cart as needed.

Customers can keep a list of the products they need to reorder on a regular basis or have a different list for different products that they produce - they can simply order all the products that they need for a product from the relevant list.

The customer can set an address for each list which will be set in the checkout. This enables other staff within the customers company to make the purchase without having to know the delivery address themselves, be that a factory or office address, or supplying direct to a construction site for instance. Note: this address is not hidden at any stage as this is for B2B - lists can be set to private if prefered and can then only be accessed by those with the direct link to the list.

NOTE: This will only work though the default checkout, if you have a one-page checkout then a diversion can be added so that list orders are redirected to the default checkout.

Journal 3 version included.

Create an account on the demo site and give it a go:

Delivered as an OCMOD that is installed via the opencart extension installer.

Instuctions available here: Purchasing List Instructions


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