Product Attributes Import Export

Product Attributes Import Export

Safely migrate product attributes data from 2.x to the latest Opencart 3.x, with help of efficient data match system management you can Import/Export unlimited product attributes without much issues. This module not only Import/Export default product attributes fields data, it do also detect additional columns present in product_attribute table. Safely port data in multi language by creating separate excel sheet for each language. With help of this module you can import data in popular format (XLS, XLSX, CSV), export format also include two more formats (JSON, XML).

* For Opencart3x, Opencart2x Users, download "ModulePoints Import/Export Hub" module in order to "Product Attributes Import Export" functional properly.

* Import/Export unlimited product attributes by preparing excel files
* Manage column positions for export file
* Detailed help section for each column at import page
* Auto detect additional fields (columns) in database table
* Familiar and easy format for data export/import (Excel Files)
* Manage data match efficiently for import
* Multiple filters to narrowing export data
* Most reliable format and human readable format
* Support Multilanguage Export/Import
* Support Multistore Export/Import
* Export all data at once or in multiple files by specifying start, end limit
* Language specific Import/Export for multilanguage content to avoid frustration
* Import image by providing either server path or HTTPS path
* Before import process specify if update existing records or not
* Select columns for import data
* Quick installation using Extension Installer
* Upload & go – no core file modification
* No configuration or additional step require
* Excellent support team
* Free module installation
* Work for Multi Language stores
* Multi store environment credibility

Support E-mail:; skype: live:modulepoints

Support E-mail:; skype: live:modulepoints


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