Advance Product List - Columns & Filters

Advance Product List - Columns & Filters

Advance Product List is an awesome mod to do more with just a list.

  • Get Advance Columns, Filters & Quick Actions
  • Get new filters like Product ID, Product Category, Product Manufacturer Product Date Added & Modified
  • Sort-able columns like Product ID, Product Manufacturer, Product Date Added & Modified, etc
  • Use Quick Actions like view product in store front page, etc
  • Get Product Filter form clear and reset button
  • Get Product Status coloured values in Green & Red
  • Easy install & setup within few clicks
  • No Core Files Changed
  • Install via OCMOD.

      Get (5+) New Columns with Sorting, (3+) New Product Filters & (2+) Quick Actions
      Columns: Product ID, Category, Product Manufacturer, Date Added, Date Modified, Product Status in vibrant colours
      Filter & Sort By: Product ID, Manufacturer, Date Added, Date Modified
      Quick Action: Product View Button, Filter form clear and reset buttons.
      (* More updates are coming soon and will be available for customers under license period. You can create ticket for same at our Support Portal)

      Note: This image is from OpenCart v3.x so some features may vary in OpenCart versions lower than v3.x.

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