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For many products especially tech products, it is very important to display specifications(attributes in opencart) to your customers. Specifications drive the sales of a product. A customer not only wants to look at specification but also likes to do a comparison of the products to decide the right product from them.

Both of these features(Specifications and Comparison) are a built in functionality of opencart. However there are few shortcomings. With this module we will focus on removing those shortcomings.

1) Managing the attributes is very lengthy and tedious job in opencart. If your product is a smartphone or a smart tv, there is a chance you have about 70 attribute names grouped with in 15 attribute groups. To create these groups and assigning them with a right sorting order is a complex job. Not only you need to create those 15 attribute groups and 70 attribute name one by one, but also with right sorting order and selecting the parent attribute group for each attribute name. Our module will do this job within one window, so that within a single window not only you can create multiple attribute groups at once but also multiple attributes within each attribute group in a single page.

2) Attribute visibility: One attribute entered appears mainly on two pages i.e: Product Page and Comparison Page. With this module for each attribute you can decide which attribute to hide from Product Page, Comparison Page or One more section we have introduced in point 3.

3) Short Comparison: If you look at most big ecommerce sites, you will see, a product page displays competitive comparison on the product page itself. If you are looking at an iphone on Amazon, it will display a short comparison of the product you are looking with similar class product from other vendors. This makes it easy for a customer to decide the right product without living the product page for a fully comparison.

4) Work on Tooltips: We have introduced tooltips not just for attribute values but for attribute names also. Most customers do not understand the significance of a specification. With this feature you can assign a tooltip to Attribute name or to its value.

5) Validation: An Attribute value is mainly a text of any nature, but with module you can assign the kind of value an attribute can accept. The valid values are Text(any alphanumeric with symbols), Numeric(Only numbers with decimals) Or a select preset (Yes, No or N/A). This will help in mitigating possible errors occurring at the time of data entry. This also helps in having unique values appear in filters if you use any module which allows filter by attributes.

6) Data Entry: For 1000s of products, each having 50s of attributes, it is a very time taking task to enter the data. Not to forget you have to search each attribute one by one and then enter the value. With this module you will assign your product to Attribute Category and all Attribute groups(within) and attributes will appear on the screen, so that you can enter the data. It not only saves your time by 80 to 90% percent, but also reduces a lot of your money you pay to agency or an employee to do the data entry. The attribute also appear with validation sets and tooltips mentioned above.

7) Easy doing: Apart from point number 6, you can enter the attributes using Excel. You can export an attribute category. The exported sheet will contain all the products linked with the same attribute category, and there you can change the value, and reupload the sheet. You can also enter new products by the product id, and it will link that product to the attribute category you exported, and also will upload the attribute values to that product. The sheet allows you to export and import attribute values and tooltips.

8) A big problem solved: In opencart you can compare a T shirt with a Shoe, or a Phone with a Smart TV. The comparison is managed by product id in session. With this module we have fixed that issue. For each kind of Attribute Category it creates a session of comparison product id. Our added later makes it a session of Product id but within category id, so you can only compare a Phone with Phone and a TV with a TV. You will link attribute category id to category id, and on each category page, it will start the comparison session for that Attribute category id only.

9) SEO URL : A comparison should not have a link like example.com/index.php?route=product/compare. We have done this, so for each comparison it will display the url with such link example.com/{category-name}/{product-1}-vs-{product-2}-vs-{product-3}-vs-{product-4}
This will help in SEO crawling and indexing of your page. A link will be generated with short comparison on each product page. Which is a comparison of related class products which you can assign to each product or it can be generated with random products linked within same category ID.


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