Opencart Sitemap Generator Module

Opencart Sitemap Generator Module
Why do you need it?

A website contains different types of information on its web pages. Different kinds of sitemaps help crawlers to read this information efficiently.

A sitemap can be of two types, in this module we have covered the XML Sitemap.

XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a specific format to encode information on the website. This format makes it easy for search engines to read the information on your websites.

If you have a large website containing thousands of pages, it’s essential to know which of these pages are crucial. The important URLs should be the pages which Google bots should crawl as Google only allows the scanning of a limited number of pages on a website. XML sitemaps help crawlers identify these web pages.

Apart from a list of URLs, sitemap XML also contains additional information such as how frequently the web page’s content is updated and more such information. This tells Google’s website bots to crawl a particular page more often as it contains updated content.

This module will allow you to generate SItemap and save it.

1. One-click generation of Sitemap.xml files.
2. Generate the sitemap automatically through a cron job.
3. Configure the priority of the web pages in a sitemap
4. Update Generate a sitemap if products or categories are saved by the admin.
5. One-click save of sitemap.xml files

Module Workflow:

Admin End:

After the download, the admin will find the enable/disable option in the configuration section under the Webkul Sitemap Generator> Config Setting as shown in the image below:

There is a section in which the admin can define the frequency, modification, priority for the sitemap generation and save it as defined in the image below:

The site map url which are generated are shown below:

Note: You can visit the site map listing from the url as in reference: ""

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