Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace Seller List / Name

Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace Seller List / Name
Multi Vendor Marketplace Seller List / Name Features:

Admin/Backend Features:
- Add/Edit/Delete Seller with Logo & Banner
- Assign/Edit/View Seller Name to any Product
- Filter Products with Seller Name

Front Features:
- Display "Seller" in Top Menu Bar and in the Footer
- Display complete Seller List
- Seller Name with the particular Seller "logo" and "Banner"
- Display all Products of selected/particular Seller
- Display Seller Name at Product Box/List
- Display Seller Name on particular Category products
- Display Seller Name in Product Description
- Upon Clicking on "Seller Name", all products display of that particular Seller with Seller details

URL: Click here
User Name / Password: demo/demo

Video: How to Install and features demo

Following are the images of core features of the "Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace Seller List / Name Extension"

How to Install the Extension:
1. Click on "Extensions" at the left Menu

2. Upload the Zip file "" from your PC. A green bar give the success message that upload completed

3. Go to at left side menu Extensions>Extensions then click the "Drop Down" and select the "Modules"

4. Then select the "Advance Seller Name" from the Modules and click the "+" sign to install the extension

5. To enable the extension click the "Edit" pencil icon

6. Then select the "Enable" and then click the "Save" icon at the top right corner

7. Last go to the menu Extensions then "Modifications" and "Refresh" icon

8. Now the extension is installed successfully. We will add the "New Seller" to the Seller List. Go to "Catalog" then "Product" and then select any product to give the Seller Name.

9. You can "Filter" the Seller Name in the Right side Filter Menu in the Product List

10. In-Store Front you can see the Seller Name we added using the "Advance Seller Name" extension

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