Smart Admin Security - A Smart Way To Secure Your Admin Login

Smart Admin Security - A Smart Way To Secure Your Admin Login
This extension provides a smart way to secure your website admin panel. By default the admin login page is shown in OpenCart when you open admin panel. But we can change the admin folder name so that it makes hard to guess for the hackers. But if they guessed your folder name, then they can hack your admin using brute force method when the have access to login page. However by renaming the admin folders might cause issues while installing OpenCart extensions.

By using our extension, the admin login page cannot be viewed or accessed by anyone unless if they know the auth key and secret key. To access the admin, user has to enter the auth key and secret key in the URL (Example: ). Without the correct keys it is impossible for anyone to access the admin panel and it will redirect to the store home page.

This extension is very simple install and use. The key will be stored in your database and in-case if you forget the keys, it is very easy to retrieve. We can also help you if you forgot your keys.


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30 Oct 2021

30 Oct 2021
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