Advance Discount

Advance Discount
Overview of TMD OpenCart Advanced Discount:

This extension helps administrators to create compelling discount offers for customers on a wide range of products simultaneously. You can now easily implement a 'buy one, get one free' and other promotions, which will be automatically applied to your OpenCart website.

With this extension, administrators gain the flexibility to introduce multiple discount offers through a variety of methods. They can individually select specific products, extend offers to entire product categories, or even employ a combination of both approaches. What's more, you have two distinct discount types: fixed or percentage-based discounts.

OpenCart Compatibility and Theme Integration

Our tool has been carefully crafted with the most effective strategies to boost conversion rates and transform potential leads into successful sales. Furthermore, this module includes an additional discount offer for first-time customers, making it a valuable asset for your e-commerce store.

Moreover, our module is fully compatible with the latest OpenCart version and themes. Additionally, administrators can input discount labels in multiple languages for maximum flexibility.

Simplified Application of Discounts Across Multiple Products

OpenCart's advanced discount module simplifies the process of applying additional discounts to one or multiple products on your website is now an easy task. Administrators can easily select specific products by typing in their names, and then input the desired discount percentage or fixed amount. Furthermore, when choosing a category, the module automatically extends the discount to all products within that category.

Transparent Discount Display

But that's not all – this opencart discount extension provides the flexibility to select one product and pair it with another, effectively making the second product free for customers purchasing the first one. It's a fantastic 'buy one, get one free' feature.

Additionally, administrators can set a threshold for the total cart value, at which point the module's discount offer is reflected. You can also decide whether first-time customers are eligible for the discount. By selecting 'not' in the settings, the offer will no longer be available to first-time customers.

For the utmost transparency, the total discount amount is displayed on the popup cart and the cart page, ensuring that customers are fully informed of their savings.

Key Features of Opencart Discount Extension:
Product Selection
Category-Wide Discounts (Percentage/Fixed)
Free Product Pairing
First-Time Customer Discount Setting
Clear Display of the Total Discount Amount on the Cart Page and Popup Cart

Seamless Multilingual Compatibility

Our opencart advance discount module supports multiple languages within your store. This module features language fields in the settings that correspond to the languages currently installed on your website. As an administrator, you have the flexibility to enter discount text labels in each language field.

When a customer changes their language preference on your website, the product information also aligns with the selected language. This dynamic feature makes it effortless to target international customers and enhances your website's SEO capabilities.

Compatible with OpenCart 2.3.x and 3.x Versions
TMD has used the power of OCMOD and VQMOD to craft this advanced discount offers extension for OpenCart. It operates seamlessly on both OpenCart 2.3.x and 3.0.x versions and has been rigorously tested to ensure compatibility with the latest stable release.

The extension has been optimized for cloud performance and subjected to unit testing to ensure the highest quality and functionality.

No Core File Alterations
The installation of the TMD opencart advance discount module leaves your website's core files intact. It generates a file system and seamlessly integrates compatibility with files in real-time, ensuring that your website remains unchanged and continues to function as usual.

Simplicity at Its Core

Yes, it's that easy to use! The installation and operation of this extension are designed to be user-friendly, making it a hassle-free addition to your OpenCart website.


Should you have any questions or require support, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to assist, and you can create a ticket for prompt assistance."


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