Dependent Options / Conditional Options

Dependent Options / Conditional Options

Product Option Conditional Rules synonyms Dependent Options , Conditional Options, or sometimes Related Options all refer to same.

CODINGINSPECT dependent options module help store owners to setup parent child options in natural language for example:

IF Color IS Red OR Color IS Green THEN SHOW Size
IF Size IS Small OR Size IS Medium THEN SHOW Printing, and so on.

Having parent child options relation is human readable natural language is easy to understand and write conditions (Setup Parent Child Options Relations) . This simplify the tedious task when thinking about setup child options that are dependent to parent options and customers can choose the child options based on parent option value, because if customer is flooded with all available options at same time then often resulted in customer left the website. At CODINGINSPECTwe take care of customer ease while choosing options.

Now coming toward configuration of conditional options, it is very easy to setup from first step of install extension to last but least step of setting up parent child rules for product options; unlike other traditional way to setup parent child rules in “option” tab at Product add/edit page, we choose different approach we make a separate page where you can define parent child relations for particular product options in natural language.

Having separate page to setup product options conditional rules provide multiple advantages like: Prevent data lost when length of product data get increase and partial data truncate when saving the product (Due to PHP post data limit to 1000 by default in max_input_vars), migrate to separate page is always assure that there is no effect in product data while creating rules for product options. Second advantage comes when there are multiple OCMOD works on admin product option are thus increase chances for OCMOD conflict, having own page guarantee of no conflict with other OCMOD modules. Having separate page to define rules has more pros than cons user experience does not harm at website front it means extension will works with most of OPENCART themes like: Journal2, Journal3, Shoppica, eMarket, Fastor. In case a theme code does not works with conditional rules then we have Super engineers that can do magic of theme compatibility.

When there is talk of multi-language compatibility, CODINGINSPECT extensions are smart enough to handle this situation whereas most backend panels does not need to have multilanguage unless it is really needed.

Define parent child relations in Natural language format
Blazing fast processing of show/hide child options
Show/Hide child options based on parent option value
Step by step option selection instead of flooded with all available options
Option types that can be parent: Select, Radio, Checkbox
All option types can be child
Define as many as rules without conflict with other mods
Work out of box with minimal configuration
Easy To Use Extension
No Core File Changes

All Versions Compatible ( 2x & 3x )
Supported with All Major Opencart Themes
Journal 3 Compatible
Journal 2 Compatible
Easy Installation with Extension Installer
OCMOD Compatible
One Time Free Installation Support is provided
Quick and reliable support

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