Complete Pack Of Facebook Pixel And Conversions API

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  • The first professional opencart extension for facebook pixel and conversions api
  • "The pixel lets you share web events from a web browser, while the conversions api lets you share events directly from your server."
  • Extension is combination of : sending events from browser + sending events from server
  • Order conversion tracking using facebook "Purchase" events
  • Standard Events : Pageview, Addtocart, Addtowishlist, Completeregistration, Search, ViewContent, Contact, Initiatecheckout, Addpaymentinfo, Purchase
  • Regarding event deduplication : once event fulfills both conditions, the facebook keep the first one and remove the following one. If a server and browser event arrive at approximately the same time (within 15 seconds of each other), facebook favor the browser event
  • We used event_id parameter in both conversions api & browser pixel. The event_id parameter is an identifier that can uniquely distinguish between similar events
  • Determine your business goals
  • Setup by multi store
  • Support multiple currencies
  • Support any theme, quick checkout, payment extensions
  • Support opencart version 2.X + 3.X
  • Support ocmod + vqmod
  • Free installation and free support
  • No hidden/extra cost
  • Note : extension license valid for single domain only (except multi store)

  • PageView - user view page
  • Login - user has logged in (Custom event)
  • Completeregistration - user has signed up for an account
  • Contact - user view contact us page
  • AddToCart - an item was added to a cart for purchase
  • AddToWishlist - an item was added to a wishlist
  • RemoveFromCart - an item was removed from a cart (Custom event)
  • ViewContent - user view product details Page
  • ViewCategory - user view category page(Custom event)
  • Search - help you identify the most popular content in your app
  • ViewCart - user view shopping cart page (Custom event)
  • InitiateCheckout - user has begun a checkout
  • AddShippingInfo - user has submitted their shipping information (Custom event)
  • AddPaymentInfo - user has submitted their payment information
  • Purchase - Order Confirmed. user has finished the purchase and lands on "Thank You" Or "Success" page

user_data Parameters for conversion API
  • em - customer email id
  • ph - Phone Number
  • fn - First Name
  • ln - Last Name
  • ct - City
  • st - State / Zone
  • zp - Zipcode
  • country - Country
  • client_ip_address
  • client_user_agent
  • fbc - The Facebook click ID value
  • fbp - The Facebook browser ID

Microdata tags
  • Add and update catalogue items with a pixel
  • The pixel can add any new items to your catalogue and update item details automatically from your website
  • Use the Facebook pixel to add items to your catalogue or to automatically update the price and availability of items in your catalogue.
  • Whenever someone views or interacts with a product page on your website, that item will automatically upload to or update within your catalogue. This is good option if your inventory is very large or changes frequently
  • our extension placed microdata tags in the product details page
  • We used method for microdata tags
  • To test if your microdata tags are working, use this microdata debugger tool

Dynamic ads
  • Dynamic ads automatically show relevant items from your catalogue to people who have searched for, viewed or interacted with them on your website
  • To set up dynamic ads, you'll need to create and install a Facebook pixel and add the required standard events and parameters (covered by our extension)
  • Then you'll need to create a catalogue, add inventory to it and connect your pixel to your catalogue
  • Facebook pixel events and parameters in order to run dynamic ads for products
  • To run dynamic ads for products, pixel must include the following standard events (Below events covered by our extension):
    - ViewContent
    - AddToCart
    - Purchase




  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 6 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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