Counos Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Counos Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

- Customer Security: no information about the wallet and payment method will be required from the customer and saved anywhere.
- Seller Security: settling and issuing receipt will take place after receiving adequate confirmations.
- Ease of Use: in this gateway, the user will not be redirected to any other website, and he/she will not be required to submit any extra data.

Counos Payment Gateway is a service for e-businesses, with which goods and services can be sold using cryptocurrencies. Like other reputable exchanges such as Stripe or Skrill, Counos Payment Gateway can also undertake all shopping payments, and customers can choose Counos Payment Gateway to settle their invoice while shopping online. Counos Payment Gateway allows online shops to choose a specific cryptocurrency as the source of the trade, and then customers can choose any other cryptocurrency to settle their invoices. Counos Payment Gateway supports Counos Coin, Counos Cash, Counos E, and even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Cost equilibrium rate is calculated online in proportion to the coins that need to be deposited. In addition, a QR code containing all necessary payment information such as wallet address, type of cryptocurrency, and the amount of paid cryptocurrency is issued to the user. The user will be redirected to the Payment Gateway by scanning this QR code with any wallet, especially Counos wallet. This part takes place outside the online shops’ website, and no information from the customers’ wallet will be stored anywhere. After settling the invoice, the customer can await the issuance of a receipt. The system will automatically inform the customer and seller that the transaction has been executed. In the Counos Payment Gateway received payments will be transferred to the seller’s account as fast as possible. In case the buyer cannot obtain assurance about the seller’s authentication, the parties will be able to perform the financial transaction through our Counos ESCROW Service.

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