Quick Category Assign / UnAssign - Bulk Update

Quick Category Assign / UnAssign - Bulk Update
Quick Category Assign / UnAssign - Bulk Update is an Opencart extension that helps you assign the category from the product list page directly. Instead of going into each category. You can assign easily from the product list page.

Furthermore, you can also unassign categories in bulk for multiple products in an instant click.

So no more going inside each category and wasting time. This is a stress-free and fast method for quick category assignments.

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Username: quickcategoryassign
Password: quickcategoryassign

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How to Use Video:

How to assign a huge no of products to a category instantly?
- It is possible that you want to assign 500 products together to some category or group of categories.
- But by default, you only see 20 products on the list.
- So doing the assignment per page is also a time-consuming issue.
- Opencart has a setting to change the no of products that are displayed on the list page.
- So increasing this value to 500 will do the job.
- Go to the system - settings - edit - option - Default Items Per Page. Increase this value to 500. Save it.
- Now you can just select all the products and assign the category instantly.

- Designed with ocmod.
- No core files are changed.
- Free installation available.

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