Opencart REST APIs

Opencart REST APIs
OCRESTAPI Module allows the customer purchasing procuct from the website it just like E-commerce APIs its also available mobile version APIs.

Installation Steps

[*]If You are using OpenCart 3.X.X.X version, you need to install Installation Issue Fixed Module.

1.Copy all files/folder to exact loction manually. (Goto step 6)

2.OR with the help of "Extension Installer" below are the steps.

3.Open your admin goto Extensions Tab and click "Extension Installer".

4.Then click on "Upload" button and select the folder/directory "".

5.5.After that Goto "Modification" you can see the file below, now click clear and refresh button.

6.Now Goto Extension Tab and select "Extension" then click on dropdown menu and select "Module".

7.Then click on "Install" and "Edit" button.

8.After that Status="Enabled", then gives the administration permission (for Permission) Goto (System->Users->User Groups) then Edit Administration by click on (pencil icon in right side of Administration) then Select All (Access Permission) and Select All (Modify Permission) then Save.
then refresh modification then it will show in left Menu.

Opencart Rest APIs List ;-
1. Customer Registration GET APIs.
2. Customer Registration POST APIs.
3. Customer Login GET APIs.
4. Customer Login POST APIs.
5. Customer Address List GET APIs.
6. Add Address GET APIs.
7. Add Address POST APIs.
8. Edit Address GET APIs.
9. Edit Address POST APIs.
10. Edit Address POST APIs.
11. Delete Address POST APIs.
12. Customer Forgotten Password GET APIs.
13. Customer Forgotten Password POST APIs.
14. Customer Forgotten Password Update POST APIs.
15. Get Category List GET APIs.
16. Product List GET APIs.
17. Product Details GET APIs.
18. Product Review GET APIs.
19. Product Write Review POST APIs.
20. All Languages GET APIs.
21. All Currencies GET APIs.
22. Home Page GET APIs.
23. Customer Reward GET APIs.
24. Customer Wishlist GET APIs.
25. Customer Wishlist POST APIs.
26. Customer Order GET APIs.
27. Customer Order Info GET APIs.
28. Customer Return List GET APIs.
29. Customer Return Info GET APIs.
29. Customer Return GET APIs.
30. Customer Return POST APIs.
31. Account Password GET APIs.
32. Account Password POST APIs.
33. Customer Account Edit GET APIs.
34. Customer Account Edit POST APIs.
35. Customer Cart List GET APIs.
36. Customer Cart Add POST APIs.
37. Customer Cart Delete POST APIs.
38. Customer Cart Quantity Update POST APIs.
39. Apply Coupon GET APIs.
40. Apply Coupon POST APIs.
41. Estimate Shipping&Texs POST APIs.
42. Estimate Shipping&Texs-Shipping POST APIs.
43. Apply Voucher GET APIs.
44. Apply Voucher POST APIs.
45. Account Voucher GET APIs.
46. Account Voucher POST APIs.
47. Checkout Page GET APIs.
48. Checkout Shipping Address GET APIs.
49. Save Checkout Shipping Address POST APIs.
50. Save Checkout Payment Address POST APIs.
51. Checkout Shipping Method GET APIs.
52. Save Checkout Shipping Method POST APIs.
53. Checkout Payment Method GET APIs.
54. Save Checkout Payment Method POST APIs.
55. Checkout Confirm GET APIs.
56. Checkout Confirm POST APIs.
57. Information GET APIs.
58. Contact Us GET APIs.
59. Contact Us POST APIs.
60. Brands GET APIs.
61. File Upload POST APIs.

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