OPay Payment Gateway For Opencart

OPay Payment Gateway For Opencart
OPay Payment Gateway supports consumers to pay with Bank Card, Reference Code, Shahry, ValU and Mobile Wallet .With a few steps you can manage different payment methods through your Dashboard

Bank card payment:
Bank card payment provides a simple and convenient payment method. You only need to add the Cardholder's name, CVV and Expire date to complete the payment.

Reference code payment:
Using the reference code payment method, you could realize online operation and offline store payment. Make payment localized and more flexible.

Provide convenient installment payment and installment payment of different periods. Connect the payment needs of merchants and users in a flexible way.

Provide consumers with convenient payment methods, and convenient installment payment allows customer to reduce the payment burden,empower with the financial solution you need that is within your capacity.

Mobile wallet:
Easy access and fast payment methods make it easier for customers to pay. Only need to collect customer information and quickly complete the payment through scan QR code.

Bank installment:
Add payment products, select installment terms, jump and add bank card information to easily complete installment payment.


1. Support convenient payment and various payment methods
2. Advanced security technology to escort payment
3. Provide professional help services

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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28 Apr 2022

7 Jan 2022
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