Amazon Payment Services

Amazon Payment Services
Amazon Payment Services, is a payment service provider (PSP) available in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman that empowers online merchants with an array of payment services enabling them to: (i) accept online payment using both global such as Visa, MasterCard and local payment methods such as mada, Knet, Meeza and Naps (Process Service), (ii) offer installments to the customers to make purchases affordable for their customers (Installments Service), (iii) monitor payment performance round the clock (Monitor Service), (iv) collect payment easily from their customers through invoicing service (Collect), and (v) get actionable business insights on a regular basis (Insights).

Amazon Payment Services provides following services:

Process Payments: Amazon Payment Services allows businesses to choose the payment methods and payment experience they want to offer their customers. Explore Process Payments
Installments: This service allows businesses to offer customers the option to pay in equal monthly installments using cards of major local and international banks, with upcoming plans for discounts and privilege schemes. Explore Installments
Lift: allowing repeat buyers to bypass certain authentication steps, thus reducing friction during the checkout experience. Explore Lift
Monitor: Businesses using Amazon Payment Services will have access to real-time monitoring tools across various payment instruments and suppressing card BINs due to unavailability. Explore Monitor
Protect: providing robust transaction security and reducing fraud and chargebacks while eliminating false positives, thereby ensuring a high acceptance ratio. Explore Protect
Safe: allowing merchants to store card details with Amazon Payment Services using PCI certified, end-to-end transactions performed in a secure manner. Explore Safe

Amazon Payment Services extension for OpenCart is built to enable store owners to securely accept payments via international and regional cards, various wallets and Buy Now Pay Later solution to enhance customer experience and transaction acceptance rates. With Amazon Payment Service Safe service, you can save payment information easily to support seamless purchases and minimal payment friction for Debit/Credit card and installments type of payments. Relevant payment related information will be securely stored to help you centralize business operations, including everything from Partial/Full Refunds, Single/Multiple Capture and Void events.


Even more payment options: Amazon Payment Services supports a wide range of payment options so you can cater to more people and increase your customer base. These include various Payment methods such as mada, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, VISA Checkout, valU, Meeza, KNET, NAPS, Apple Pay
Global presence, local convenience: Enable popular local payment methods from across the globe and ensure your customers always feel at home when shopping with you – no matter what payment language they speak.
Ready made integration: Configure the extension and start accepting payments. There is no development efforts required to enable different payment options. You can choose from a variety of payment stack and simple select payment experience type. If you prefer to accept mada debit cards, branding guidelines are already followed and ready.
Build simple and smart shopping experiences for your customers: Effortlessly simple, safe and friendly checkouts that accommodate to your customers by offering a variety of payment methods and empower your business with more growth opportunities.
Reduce charge-backs by offering trustworthy experiences: Foster good relationships between you and your customers by charging them only when their order has shipped and their payments have been fully processed with effective money authorization and capture.
Enjoy complete control over your business in one place: Track your payments in order details. You no longer need to visit a second dashboard to resolve payment issues. Capture or refund directly inside order management screen.


You can rely on Amazon Payment Services' security and risk management toolbox to ensure that your customers enjoy a safe and secure payment experience without adding unnecessary hurdles to the online shopping and payment process.

Benefit from measures including anti-fraud capabilities and comprehensive support for 3D Secure. We also offer several ways in which you can fine-tune your approach to security and risk so that you maintain a consistently terrific customer experience.

A simplified anti-fraud mechanism that can be used if your e-commerce business is at low risk of fraud, or if your e-commerce technology already includes comprehensive anti-fraud measures. With Protect you can apply simple but effective rules to guard against fraudulent transactions.

Our Protect Plus service adds a powerful additional layer of fraud prevention and it can be used in combination with our standard fraud management service. Thanks to Protect Plus you add additional safeguards to your online payment processing integration and by doing so you minimize chargebacks.

Amazon Payment Services offers full and customizable support for 3D Secure technologies. You can offer your customer the right blend of 3D Secure-enabled safety: checking 3D Secure when conditions require it, while bypassing 3D Secure where the circumstances warrant doing so. Our 3D Secure options include:

Standard 3D Secure where we automatically pass customers through the 3D Secure steps if the customer's payment card is enrolled in 3D Secure.
Flex 3D Secure where merchants can fine-tune the 3D Secure response to bypass 3D Secure on some transactions.
External 3D Secure service where you can choose to use an external 3D Secure processor instead of Amazon Payment Services 3D Secure processing.
Standalone 3D Secure where you can take advantage of our efficient 3D Secure process to handle 3D Secure as a distinct step.

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Amazon Payment Services extension for OpenCart has been implemented by using following API library

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