Auto Fill City Zone Country By Postcode

Lookup the city, zone, and country based on postcode/zipcode. Create unlimited postcode based database for lookup of city, zone and country. Autocomplete search box lookup From this database

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• Add unlimited postcode database with details of postcode, city, zone/state/region and country
• autocomplete search box lookup from created database
• postcode field become autocomplete
• search anything like postcode, city, zone, country and it will lookup from database
• city, zone, country fields are disabled & automatically fill-up when postcode selected.
• auto fill city zone country by postcode available at :
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• bulk import, export and bulk update addresses
• import rules :
- if record id = 0 then it will add new record
- if record id match then perform update in that existing record id.
• export in excel, then bulk modify & save as xml(xml data .xml) and then re-import file, so it will bulk update data.
• column are :
- fillczcbyzip_id (if zero then add new, if not zero then update existing fillczcbyzip_id)
- postcode, city, zone, country
• many customers leave if your register or checkout page has so many fields
• save customer time
• prevent abandon orders
• boosts your sales.

More About Extension
• multi language compatible
• support all theme journal2, journal3, pavo, foster template
• Support opencart version 2.X + 3.X + 4.X
• Free installation and free support
• No hidden/extra cost
• All files are newer in extension
• Note : extension license valid for single domain only (except multi store)

What customers say about Auto Fill City Zone Country By Postcode
Best support I have ever had with an extension - via Skype. I also had zone/region removed from my shop (In Denmark we only use zip code / Post code, so no need for region field). I will use Opencarttools again for sure.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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