Tax calculation in admin coupon form

Tax calculation in admin coupon form
This module adds new features to the coupon form.

1- Calculating the amount of discount with tax and without tax
After installing the module, you will have a new field called "Include Tax" in the coupon form.
So when an amount is typed in the "Include Tax" field, the tax-free amount is automatically calculated for you and placed in the "Discount" field.
Also, if you enter an amount in the "Discount" field, the module will calculate it with tax and place it in the "Include Tax" field.

2- Create a discount code (random)
On the coupon page, a button is added at the end of the "Code" entry, which, when pressed, creates a code containing numbers and uppercase letters of the alphabet. ((Randomly))

3- The amount of discount based on the price of the product
This module creates another field called "product-based discount" in the form of coupons.
This is an autocomplete field, you can search for the product name you want.
When you click on the product, the "Include Tax" field is updated based on the product price.

To get acquainted with the settings of the module, you can pay attention to the pictures below
You can also test this module in its demo version.

Module Setting
username : demo
password : demo

Extension Installation Guide
Upload the zip file via extensions / Installer / Upload
Once the upload is done, Please go to Extensions / Extensions / Module
Install "Tax Based Coupons".
In the module settings, activate it and select a tax class in the Tax Class option.

For install and support free click on the "GET SUPPORT" button on this page. or drop me an email:


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