Secret Product And Category

Secret Product And Category
This module allows you to hide your store's products and categories from all or some of your site visitors.

You can choose a password for the product and category page so that only your special customers can access it.

After installing the module in the admin panel of the product and category page, you will have a new tab called "Secret Form".

In this tab you can:
1-Hide the product and category for everyone.
2-Hide the product and category for the guest (not logged ).
3-Hide the product and category for a specific customer group.
4-Set a password for the product and category page.
5-Choose the same password for all products in the category.

When you hide a product or category from everyone, that is hidden from all lists, including: "Search, Category, Manufacturers, etc." The product can only be seen by those who have a direct link to the product.
If you hide the product or category from the guest, displayed if the user logs in.
If you hide the product or category for a group of customers, the customers in that group will not see the product or category.
Also, if you set a password for the product or category, then the user must enter the correct password to view the product or category page.
This module is very simple and practical and does not affect the default "OpenCart" database tables.
You can test the module in its demo version

Product Page(admin)
A product with a password
Category Page(admin)
A category page with a password

password for the category: 1234
password for the product: 1234Ab*

admin panel
username: demo
password: demo

Extension Installation Guide
Upload the zip file via extensions / Installer / Upload
Once the upload is done, Please go to Extensions / Modifications and hit the refresh button.

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