Pages Access Manager / Login Popup / Redirection Control

Pages Access Manager / Login Popup / Redirection Control

Our Extension will Give you better Control over your Store's Pages Access. You can set Quick Login Popup, Manage Redirections and Control Website Pages Access for Guest,Visitors. It Helps you get Real Customers and Increase Sales. It helps in Decrease Bounce Rate and get Genuine Customers and Traffic.

Admin = username :demo ,password:demo
Frontend Customer = email: ,password:demo

# Manage Pages Access & Login Logout Redirection

* Page is Redirected to refferal Page after Customer Logged Information
* You can change Redirect Page after Login
* You can change Redirect Page after Logout

If Access is Prohibited to Product A. Then Customer is redirect to Login Page Or Open Instant Login Popup with a Error Login Required Message(Customised in admin). When Customer Logged In there , it will redirected customer to Product A Page.
So Customer dont get frustrated and not leave the site. it will decrease Bounce Rate.
It will help increase Sales and Genuine Customer Registrations.

# Make Login Compulsary to View Your desired Products,Categories,Information Pages or any Page.

# You can select which pages are accessible and which pages are not accessible.

# Control Pages Access for Vistors

# Get Real Customers & Decrease Bounce Rate
# Login Required Message (Multi-Language)

# You can set Instant Quick Popup for Login (Instant popup open on Restricted Page for Login)

* Set Logo
* Manage Colors & Custom Css
* Ajax Quick Login

# Multi-Store & Multi-Language Supported
# All Theme Supported / Journal Theme Supported

# Custom Css, Color management
# Easy & Quick Installation
# Quick & Friendly Support (
# No change in Core-files
# Support Ocmod


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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