Smartarget Lucky Wheel [Opencart 2x, 3x]

Smartarget Lucky Wheel [Opencart 2x, 3x]
Smartarget Lucky Wheel increase sales by 28% !

Lucky Wheel gives you the best solution to get email addresses from visitors of your website. Lucky Wheel offers visitors to fill in their email addresses to spins for prizes. This is the best way to collect email from visitors on your site, they will be pleased to fill in their email address.

You can choose how many lucky possibilities the users will have and to show them a coupon code only if they had luck. The wheel will simply pick a random option once the user spins. Choose also the fields that users will need to fill in order to spin, for example you can choose if you would like to have also their full name, phone number or simply just email address.

Lucky Wheel is fully customized, you can choose the colors, content, location, and popup behavior.

How to install
- Open your website OpenCart admin panel
- Go to Extensions > Installer and upload extension ocmod archive
- Go to Extensions > Modifications and click Refresh
- Go to Settings menu -> System -> Lucky Wheel the "Lucky Wheel" tab.

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17 Feb 2022
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