Product Option Quantity at Product Availability

Product Option Quantity at Product Availability

Display available product option quantity of a product, Instead message “Stock: In Stock” or “Stock: Out of Stock” user have precise knowledge about available quantity last selected option. It is help for user know to available quantities before making decision number of quantities they intended for.Opencart always check available product quantities and product options quantities if stock subtract is true for product options. If any of product quantity or product option quantities goes 0 (Out of Stock), default OC system does not allowed to do checkout.

For example,
Product T-shirt quantities 10,
Color Red Quantities 20
Color Blue Quantities 30
Color Green Quantities 35

With any T-shirt color user is not able to buy quantities more than 10.
With extension “Option Stock Quantities” user know if they can buy desire quantities or not and make quick decision about purchase. Without knowledge of available quantities there are uncertainties whether desire quantities are available or not and it’s get clear during checkout process either at checkout page or cart page. Either page mostly unavailable in case of quick checkout functionality.

User can have knowledge about available quantities of selected option
Help users to make decision about the purchase
Informational module
No core file change
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