OCFilter - Product SEO Filter

OCFilter - Product SEO Filter
WARNING! The module will not work on russian domains!
ВНИМАНИЕ! Модуль не работает на магазинах в россии!

OCFilter is a high performance and functional filter for products in the catalog with support for SEO landing pages.
The module can work with a huge number of products (> 100k) and attributes.
The module allows you to create landing pages for any set of filters and display links in categories, products and other places in your store.


Home with filters

Admin panel

Link to the module setting page
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Module Features

Filter by:

  • price (including specials, discounts, option prices and taxes);
  • manufacturers;
  • stock availability (by quantity or by stock_status_id);
  • new receipts (with time slot option);
  • availability of discounts and specials for products;
  • weight and dimensions;
  • attributes with the ability to specify up to three delimiters (multiattributes)*;
  • product options*;
  • standard OpenCart* filters.
    *requires to copy them in the module settings

    You can display the module on the following pages:

  • category;
  • manufacturer's products;
  • specials;
  • product search;
  • any other page with its own filters.

    Landing page SEO support:

  • mass addition of pages according to the selected criteria and substitution template;
  • bulk editing;
  • creation of dynamic pages;
  • output links to pages in categories, module, products (attributes), sitemap.


    The module supports multilingual stores.
    The module has been translated into the following languages:

  • English;
  • Russian;
  • Ukrainian.

    Mobile version and appearance

  • instant switching (without reboot) between the full and mobile version;
  • the ability to specify an arbitrary screen width at which the full version will switch to mobile;
  • the mobile version can be placed on the left or right;
  • the module block supports gestures and closing on click on an empty area outside the module;
  • adapted to the appearance in horizontal layout;
  • [*]support for two themes: "light" and "light block".

    Other features

    - Work with a large number of products (100k+) and filters;
    - Does not replace your store files, OCmod with minimal code inserts;
    - Ability to hide inactive (with zero products) filter values;
    - Ability to use sliders for any numerical filters;
    - Possibility to limit the output of filters and values ​​by hiding the extra ones under the collapse button;
    - Ability to load hidden filters and values ​​in the background (AJAX) without increasing the number of DOM elements (positive effect on PageSpeed);
    - The module code is not encrypted and does not require decoders, is not tied to a specific PHP version or server.


    The module is compatible with OpenCart 2.* and 3.*

    Compatible with themes

    The module is compatible with all templates, but some (for example, Journal) may require slight adjustments.


    • Developed by OpenCart Community
    • Documentation Included



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